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What Clients Are Saying...

Sheri is a naturally gifted therapist. From her many years of experience working with youth, she has great wisdom to offer. Sheri is kind, compassionate and supportive. She is an excellent listener and when I talk to her, I feel like I am the most important person to her. She incorporates gospel truths into our discussions and those truths build my faith and strengthen my testimony. I feel encouraged and more able to deal with the challenges in my life after talking to Sheri. She is warm and truly cares about the people she helps. I highly recommend her to help you solve anything you need help with. ."
"Sheri had great ideas and insights as she worked with me when I felt stuck while homeschooling my 8 children. Sheri is great at thinking outside of the box. She was able to come up with simple yet very effective ideas that helped move me towards a bright new lease on life."
"After I was diagnosed with cancer my life felt shattered. Sheri worked with me and brought me back to my purpose. She taught me techniques that I have used to get through times of excruciating physical pain. She has also helped me to get through my emotional pain. She has lifted my spirits immensely and given me the hope that I had thought was gone forever."
"Sheri was perfect for me at a time when I was struggling. Not only did she work with me on something very difficult that I was facing, but she also understood in a way that others could/would not. She saw into the depths of me, which brought me great comfort. I’m grateful for her ability to listen and to care. Her advice helped me get through my situation as well as give me a new perspective for looking at myself and others."